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General Guidelines

- All vector type art is scalable to any size. Please provide files in the formats listed to the right.
- All logos must be in a vector format, saved in Adobe Illustrator or as an EPS file. Raster images will not be accepted - this includes .jpg, .png or .gif files copied directly from a website.

- Convert fonts to outlines (paths or curves) to ensure proper type reproduction
(Remember to save a copy for yourself without converted text just in case last-minute edits are necessary.)
- Supply all links used in your document. (Images, Logos, etc.) Embed links when necessary.

- Provide all PMS colors and/or style guides when applicable.
- We do not recommend designing in a RGB color space, please convert to CMYK prior to submitting.
- If the artwork is color sensitive please contact us on pricing for our color matching services.

- No bleed is required, we will add when necessary.
- Please consider at least 1” margin around your artwork to be the “Viewable / Live Area”

- Please create file at actual size.
- Artwork which exceeds the pasteboard dimensions in Illustrator (227.5”) may be scaled down, but please indicate the scale (50%, 25%, 10%, 1”=1’, etc.)

- Art submitted at 1:1 (100%) resolution should be no less than 150 dpi
- Art submitted at 2:1 (50%) resolution should be no less than 300 dpi

Additional Information

If files are not print ready, (low resolution, mssing fonts, incorrect format) we’ll let you know so you can resubmit the file. If we need to fix the files, there will be a design charge of $95 per hour. (15 minute minimum)

Physical proofs are not required, however we can provide a printed proof at an additional cost depending on square footage and shipping. This will delay your order several days.

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